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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Data Base and Big Data Analysis

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Machine Learning

We develop optimized services for automatic AI learning and high performance computing for different business models with high levels of security and analysis. We solve the challenges of our clients by offering AI services previously trained for computer vision, language, recommendations and forecasts. Also to design, train and implement scaled machine learning models, or custom models compatible with all the most popular open source frameworks.

Cognitive Services

We build intelligent algorithms in applications, websites and bots allowed to see, listen, speak and understand the needs of users through natural methods of communication. We use different Azure APIs to create intelligent applications, we manage an Cognitive Services account, we authenticate request and we work on human languages ​​supported by the Cognitive Services APIs.


Our fully managed database services include: relational database for transaction applications, non-relational database for Internet-scale applications, a data warehouse for analysis, an in-memory data store for caching and uploads of real-time work, graphic database to create applications with highly connected data, a time series database to measure changes over time and an accounting database to maintain a complete and verifiable record of the transactions with a latency of milliseconds to admit millions of users anywhere in the world.

Big Data Analysis

We generate a big data analysis that allows researchers and users to make better and faster decisions with data that were inaccessible. Through the use of advanced analysis techniques, such as machine learning, text analysis, predictive analysis, data extraction, statistics and natural language processing.